Research at FARIL




The Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School Foot and Ankle Research and Innovation Laboratory is a platform for innovation, research, and education and creates a unique environment where clinicians, researchers, and engineers work together and share their expertise. This stimulates high-quality and clinically relevant research. During your time at our service, you get to opportunity to do clinical – and biomechanical research, assist with grant applications, and secure one or more first-author publications. These opportunities are utilized in our areas of expertise: Arthroscopic assessment of the foot and ankle, diagnostic evaluation of foot and ankle disorders using ultrasound, and prophylactic strategies for the prevention of venous thromboembolism in foot and ankle patients. We offer three academic positions:

1. Research Intern/Student Position

3-6 Months (Unpaid, conditional extensions possible)


  • Medical student enrolled in accredited program (For international interns, institutional approval and support is needed)
  • Basic knowledge of biostatistics
  • Programming skills are preferred

2. Research Fellow/Post-doc Position

12 Months (Unpaid, conditional extensions possible)


  • MD, PhD, or enrolled in a related PhD program
  • Excellent proficiency in English language
  • Sufficient knowledge in scientific writing and biostatistics
  • High quality Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Programming skills are preferred

Researchers interested to cooperate with FARIL can get involved by sending their CV and letters of intent and recommendation to Soheil Ashkani-Esfahani MD, PhD(c) at