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At FARIL we explore the cutting-edge advancements shaping the future of surgical interventions in foot and ankle orthopaedics. Our research endeavors among many diverse topics also include the development of patient-specific instruments, 3D modeling, and Prototyping. We explore the world of patient-specific surgical guides and implants, where precision and personalization redefine medical procedures for better patient outcomes.

Our rapid in-house prototyping and testing cycles allow us to embark on a journey into the future of healthcare innovation. We utilize our ARCADIS Orbic® C-arm by Siemens to 3D scan the patient or cadaver foot anatomy. Then, we 3D model individualized surgical devices with the help of computer-aided design software. Finally, we fabricate our novel designs using our 3D printers for testing. Our facility houses a range of advanced tools for fabrication, prototyping, and testing. We have state-of-the-art 3D printers which include 3B+ and 3BL SLA printers and a Fuse 1+ SLS printer from Formlabs to unlock the unprecedented possibilities in custom instrument creation.

As we push boundaries, anticipate groundbreaking developments in personalized medicine, advanced 3D modeling techniques, and prototyping technologies. Stay tuned for the next wave of transformative advancements, where our commitment to improving patient outcomes and revolutionizing foot & ankle research remains unwavering. Immerse yourself in the synergy of technology and healthcare and welcome to the forefront of medical innovation at FARIL.