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Research Fellows

Research Fellows

Nour Nassour, MD

MD Graduate and Research Fellow at the Foot and Ankle Research and Innovation laboratory. Working on Machine Learning algorithms, Venous Thromboembolisms, and surgical site infections.

Atta Taseh, MD

Atta is interested in rehabilitation medicine, particularly in biomechanical factors contributing to musculoskeletal injuries, and in the use of biofeedback to modify those factors. He is now working on the plantar pressure analyses using the novel pressure plate that has been developed in the lab.

Logan Nye, MD

Logan is currently developing deep learning algorithms for automated interpretation of medical imaging. His research interests is in “Bio-convergence”- medical innovation that connects and combines traditionally separate fields such as medicine, computer science, engineering and biotechnology.

Yuzuru Sakakibara, MD, PhD

Atta is interested in rehabilitation medicine, Yuzu’s main research interests are in the biomechanics of the ankle and knee joints and research related to sports medicine. His hobbies include jogging along the Charles River and completing the Boston Marathon every year.

Rohan Bhimani, MBBS, MBA

Siddhartha Sharma, MD, PhD

Hadi Hosseinian, MD

David Osei-Hwedieh, MD, PhD

  • Matthias Peiffer
  • Ji-Yong Ahn

Medical Students

Alexandra Flaherty

Noopur Ranganathan

Joris Hendriks

Riley Baker

Jack Wolf

Marguerite Mullen

Evan Sirls

Hadley Leatherman

Joshua Woo

Samir Ghandour

Emmanuel Budis

  • Peter Brodeur
  • Jillian Haywood
  • Alexis Cacace
  • Date van der Meij
  • Bradley Weaver
  • James Kim
  • Brian Zhou

Undergraduate Students

Micheka Fenelon

  • Caleb Jang
  • Sumner Jones